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From Shelves to Smiles

Streamline your business with our 3PL warehousing Service.

Warehouse Service
Your success is our priority. With streamlined warehouse management process, your inventory turnover will grow, enabling you to meet customer demands faster than ever.
B2B Warehousing Service

Rethink your approach for B2B Order Management with our comprehensive solution, designed to optimize bulk order fulfillment and shipping processes.

B2C Warehousing Service

Store, sort, and swiftly ship - all within your customers' ballpark, making every B2C delivery a delight.

Ecommerce Warehousing Service

Deliver exceptional shopping experiences with our ecommerce warehousing services, streamlining the journey from cart to customer.

Nationwide Warehousing Network providing
efficient storage solutions across key cities!
Warehouse in Delhi

Strategically located in Ghazipur – East Delhi, our warehouse in Delhi NCR ensures quick deliveries to your customers in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, and Loni.

Warehouse in Mumbai

Experience top-tier warehouse solutions with our Warehouse in Bhiwandi. Designed to optimize your inventory management needs and ensure timely deliveries to enhance customer satisfaction.

Warehouse in Kolkata

Extend your business reach across east India regions seamlessly with our warehouse in Kolkata, ensuring efficient order processing and timely product availability to customers.

Warehouse in Ghaziabad (NCR)

Unlock operational excellence with our Ghaziabad warehouse. Seamlessly handle inventory, order processing, all while gaining a competitive edge and fueling your business expansion.

Warehouse in Bangalore

One-stop solution for warehouse requirements in Bangalore. Step into our innovative Bangalore warehouse, where tailored solutions redefine efficiency, propelling your business towards unmatched success.

Warehouse in Hyderabad

Enhance your business growth with our advanced warehouse distribution center in Hyderabad. The strategic location of our warehouse in Hyderabad translates to smoother order fulfillment, enabling businesses to meet customer demands promptly.

Warehouse in Sonipat (NCR)

Our warehouse in Sonipat is optimal storage for your inventory needs tailored for B2B and B2C businesses, ensuring seamless inventory management.

Warehouse in Kundli (NCR)

Located on a key National Highway, Kundli is a thriving commercial hub with exceptional connectivity. With modern warehouse space, our warehouse in Kundli stands ready to optimize your storage and distribution needs.

Optimize Your Supply Chain and ensure your
customers receive their orders on time and with care.
In-house Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Smart Warehousing, Smarter Business

Command Center for Your SKUs, our in-house WMS puts you in charge, providing real-time insights and empowering smarter decision-making

Ecommerce Fulfillment Service
Fulfilling every Dream with Seamless Ecommerce Solutions

Experience swift order management, lightning-fast shipping, and the delight of satisfied customers. Welcome to Ecommerce Fulfillment at its finest.

Optimize Your B2B Part Truck Load Transportation

Secure the lowest prices on your shipments and access a range of transport options, including Gati, Delhivery, Safe Express, and more.

In-house Transportation Management Service (TMS)

Unlock integrated dashboard, Compare Transport Aggregator, Manage PODs with a Click, and More
-All on a single dashboard

Returns Management
Returns Reimagined

Unlock Customer Loyalty and Happiness through Efficient Returns Management. AAJ Delivers 100% Traceable, Transparent, and Swift Returns.

Value Added Services
Elevate Your Success with our value-added services

Get Expert Kitting, Insertions, and Shrink Wrapping, Seamless Customer Support and Service Excellence with Cutting-Edge Digital Printing Solutions.


With the end of a successful financial year and the with the sales for a majority of the markets for the school season ending, I would like to thank AAJ and your team for the improvements you have brought about in contributing to our success. Your efforts in managing our warehouse operations smoothly and the work put in towards improving on problem areas throughout the year are appreciated.

Ananda Publishers Pvt.
Subroto Mozumdar, CEO

It gives me immense pleasure in sharing 1st major milestone achieved in 3PL Operations from AAJ, we have processed more than 1 million units from AAJ warehouse in Feb 2022, we just started operations from AAJ in Nov 2021 and this was 4th month of our operations. What makes it even more satisfying is the budgeted outward units for Feb 2022 was close to 800,000 and our TAT achievement was 97.34% against budgeted 95 %, this too in a calendar month with 3 less working days. This would not have been possible without your active support and looking forward for repeat performance during this season where we break these records and sail even higher.

Ankur Kashyap, Sr VP Operations
Cambridge University Press India Pvt. Ltd

We have been working with AAJ Enterprises since 2021. We have found that AAJ, as our 3PL logistic partner, has done a wonderful work. Smooth supply chain management has always been challenging for any enterprise. However, after choosing AAJ, we could focus more on the business development activities rather than managing logistics. Team AAJ has taken all our burden of logistics & warehouse management. The whole team is very efficient. We get prompt replies of our queries. Many a times, I have observed that team has gone an extra mile to support us.

Bhupendra Kumar, Director & Co-Founder
Winzera Private Limited

It was a tough time when they started operation, considering restrictions on road entries, new customers and high expectations of dealers etc , was the big challenges to them. But, the team of AAJ enterprises has been focused on their duties since the 1st day.

Jaspreet Singh, Senior Manager
Tynor Orthotics

2019-2022 have been so dynamic with a new challenge at every turn, and your team have stood by us every step of the way and helped navigate through all of them ensuring we continue our growth trajectory. It has been an absolute pleasure. Here’s to great big successes in the future too !

Anantha Padmanabhan, CEO
Harper Collins India

We began with AAJ in 2015 when we were in urgent need of a 3PL partner. We took quick decision to partner at that time, but we never had to look back. AAJ has been a professional and flexible service partner. They manage the warehousing and distribution of our entire range of trade titles and we are quite satisfied with their services. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a responsible 3PL partner.

Praveen Kumar, Operations Head
Scholastic India

Having the pleasure of visiting the team during a recent visit I took the opportunity to visit their warehouse with a view of understanding their process and system capabilities. Expecting to find a fault I was surprised that this organization was the 1st in 25 years that I was able to discern any issues. I found the team open and transparent in their dealings to date

Chris Jones, Global Supply Chain Director
Cambridge University Press.

AAJ and their employees were very attentive to our needs even during times of minimal notice. For protection of our sales during the relocation we set up parallel shipping operation with AAJ and the agreed upon project time lines were met both from operations and systems standpoint. In future we wont hesitate to avail services of AAJ if required.

Glenn Ciprani, VP Distribution

Journey with AAJ and Neema's Team in the last one year has been really fantastic and extremely professional, A lot of achievements are waiting in future due course & I'm sure they will be enjoyable. As we acquire transportation facilities from AAJ, they have taken immediate action to our every concern which is again appreciable

Rabi Mishra, India Senior Finance Manager

When we were onboarding with AAJ, firstly we felt we were taking a risk with the vendor who has not done apparel before but when we visited the facility, we were 100% satisfied with the alignment and process of the warehouse. AAJ rose to the occasion and has done brilliant job. Thank you, Team AAJ, for helping SAAKI wherever needed, without your team we wouldn't have been this successful.

Deekshith Reddy, Manager
SAAKI Lifestyle

When we Launched our ecofriendly products, the response where overwhelming and we were finding difficult to reach customers pan India. Our association with AAJ enterprises solve this and today we are with them in Ghaziabad, Mumbai and Banglore strengthening our inventory management and Pan India Logistic.

Nitheesh Sundaresan, Founder
Varsya Eco Solutions pvt ltd

We began with AAJ in 2011. Its been a long partnership. They have been our warehousing and logistics partner since the inception of Bloomsbury in India. AAJ has been able to evolve with the changing business environment and our own business needs very well with time. They have been able to manage the 20x growth in Bloomsbury’s warehousing requirement without much huddles. I find their team responsive and attentive; they have a sound understanding of our business needs. I wish them all the best for their future and hope that they sustain the momentum and the good services.

Mahendra Lodha, CFO and Operations Head
Bloomsbury India

Thank you for a splendid tour of your very impressive facility. it's good to know we are in such good hands in India!

Jonathan Atkins
International director at Pan Macmillan
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The unseen of spending thr....

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The unseen of spending thr....

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the locations of AAJ’s warehouse across India?
The location of all warehouses is strategically planned to cater to PAN India. AAJ has in total 7 warehouses with a total area of 1 million sq. ft. area across 4 zones in major Metro cities.

1. Delhi
2. Sonipat
3. Ghaziabad
4. Kolkata
5. Mumbai
6. Bangalore
What kind of infrastructure and security do the AAJ warehouses provide?
AAJ Enterprises’ warehouses are equipped with modern racking infrastructure and Wi-Fi, ensuring seamless operations. Additionally, the warehouses are fully covered by CCTV cameras and adhere to fire compliance standards, guaranteeing maximum security and safety.
What types of services does AAJ Enterprise specialize in?
AAJ caters to both B2B and B2C/D2C companies across industries like publishing, energy, health care & personal care, chemicals, e-commerce, FMCG, automotive, energy, and many more. We are open to any product-based industry regardless of the size of the business.
Does AAJ provide tech-enabled warehousing services?
AAJ is a company that provides tech-enabled warehousing through its marketplace and courier integrated warehouse management system, known as APT WMS. This system is designed to offer complete visibility and comprehensive solutions for warehousing to both D2C and B2C brands of all sizes. What sets AAJ apart from other players in the market is that it manages its own warehouses. This means that clients can expect better response times and proactive solutions to any issues that may arise during the fulfillment process. By having direct control over their warehouses, AAJ can ensure that all orders are fulfilled efficiently and accurately, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates.
Does AAJ provide customer support service?
AAJ is not just an inventory partner but is an end-to-end supply chain partner. AAJ not just helps in warehousing but also provides a list of value-added services under its umbrella including customer support
Does AAJ offer only transportation services?
AAJ’s distribution Network is associated with the active transporters across Pan India who provide good service quality at the fastest rate. In order to achieve the best results, we have tie-ups with all the big transportation players for both PTL (Part Truck Load) and FTL (Full truck load) deliveries.
How quickly can I expect the warehouse to expand?
Expanding warehouse varies based on factors like business size and product complexity. Setup takes days to weeks, and growth speed depends on order volume. AAJ offers overnight expansion, and outsourcing warehousing provides space flexibility. It’s essential to choose a 3PL provide costumized solutions.
Is there a minimum monthly order volume to work with the fulfillment center?
Here at AAJ, we believe in growing together, that’s why we welcome all types of clients from small to large. So there is no range when it comes to the volume, even if you are a startup who is just making a beginning you can outsource your supply chain to us.
What percentage of my orders can reach customers in two days or less?
Ecommerce Orders from the metro, tier 1, or tier 2 cities are majorly delivered within 2 days. It takes a little longer for orders received from remote areas or outskirts. Heavy orders of more than 5 kgs will take time between 2-5 days depending on the origin location and the delivery location.
Descriptive Analysis Offered by the 3PL company?
Joining hands with AAJ is exciting as you don’t just get our services but also complimentary 1-year access to Microsoft Power BI. We provide you with dozens of reports that help you in analyzing your demand, inventory management, returns, etc.
Can AAJ handle specialized warehousing requirements?
Yes, we have experience in handling specialized warehousing requirements. If you need temperature-controlled storage for perishable goods, hazardous materials handling, or high-security storage for valuable products, we can definitely cater to your specific needs according to the requirements.
Can you integrate with our existing systems or platforms?
Yes, At AAJ Enterprises we understand the importance of seamless integration with your existing systems. Our in-house warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS), and order management systems (OMS) allow the integration of platforms to ensure smooth data exchange and process integration.
What are some safety considerations in a warehouse?
Safety in a warehouse is crucial to protect employees and prevent accidents. Some safety considerations include proper training for material handling equipment, regular equipment maintenance, clear signage, and floor markings, adequate lighting, fire prevention measures, and following proper ergonomics and lifting techniques.